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February 18th, 2007
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This Week at CafeJazz.ca!
… it's Everette Harp in the spotlight; we have selected tracks from In The Moment, his latest cd, and that's all part of our showcase feature. Then it'll be time for another trip down memory lane with the Back Trax feature in hour 2. This time that includes James Lloyd and Pieces of a Dream, as well as Jeff Kashiwa. Also on the show is the group Val Gardena, while Billy Eric and Canada's own Russ Brannon round the segment. Otherwise it's Joyce Cooling, Rick Braun, Marion Meadows, and Richard Elliot as well as a few other favourites in the genre; but it all begins with Nils and a tune from Ready to Play!
In This Issue:

In The Moment - Everette Harp

Back Trax:
Bluvis Groovis - Russ Brannon
Northern Lights - Val Gardena
Quiet Passion - Pieces of a Dream
Wherever The Tide Takes Us - Billy Eric
Hyde Park - Jeff Kashiwa

New Music AND The Top Ten

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Showcase CD
In The Moment - Everette Harp:

Raised the youngest of eight children in Houston Texas, Harp started playing piano at the age of two and then picked up the sax when he was just four. His father being a Baptist minister, Everette was weaned on gospel music; that and the jazz greats he discovered while in high school became his biggest influences. After graduating from North Texas State with a major in music, Harp worked as an accountant before choosing music as a ful time career. He played in a few local bands and picked up a bit of studio jingle work before moving to Los Angeles in 1988. There Harp's career as a sideman really took off. He toured briefly with Teena Marie and then internationally with Anita Baker. Finally, in 1992, he released his self-titled debut, which led to the launch of a very successful solo career. Highlights have included playing alongside of Bill Clinton at the 1993 inauguration, as well as appearing as a member of The Posse on the old Arsenio Hall Show.
As well, Everette has performed on the themes for Entertainment Tonight, At the Movies, and Soul Train! That's in addition to his catalogue of solo releases which, with the issue of In The Moment, stands at seven albums and is now going stronger than ever. In any event, it's now our pleasure to place, that most recent effort in our musical spotlight. So without further adieu let's get to the feature; we have three typically tasty treats for you beginning with Just As You. So here it is Just As You Are. It's by Everette Harp, it's from In The Moment and it's on Café Jazz (down), your musical oasis.

CD: In The Moment
Label: Shanachie Entertainment
Site: Everette Harp

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Back Trax: Part One
Bluvis Groovis - Russ Brannon:
Russ Brannon is a veteran of 20 years in the music business. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia Brannon has been nominated by the East Coast Music Awards for each of his last three albums. He continues to perform regularly in Jazz venues and at Jazz festivals all over Eastern Canada while operating Atlantic Canada's premier recording studio. From Here To There was his past album recorded just a couple of years ago and was a project that presented a variety of shades in Smooth Jazz and World Music, and from it we have a terrific blues-inflected track that features the saxwork of Chris Mitchell!

CD: From Here To There (2005)
Label: Independent
Site: Russ Brannon
Northern Lights - Val Gardena:
In the 90s, Christopher James and Jeff Leonard recorded 3 albums as Val Gardena. The Portland Oregon based duo, served up a cool mix of tracks ased in new age in the 90s with On the Bridge, their sophomore effort yielding what was one of the most popular tracks for 1995! Although, they continue

CD: On The Bridge (1995)
Label: Mercury

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Back Trax: Part Two
Quiet Passion - Pieces of a Dream:

CD: In Flight (1993)
Label: Manhattan Records
Site: Pieces of a Dream
Wherever The Tide Takes Us - Billy Eric:

CD: Yes Indeed! (2003)
Label: Mirror Wizard Music
Site: Billy Eric
Hyde Park (the "ah, oooh" song) - Jeff Kashiwa:

CD: Another Door Opens (2000)
Label: Native Language Music
Site: J Kashiwa

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Web Site :
Part 1: New Music
Here's a quick run down of what you'll be hearing; there's something from Slim Man - the Slim Dude has just issued his first album of new material in several years - as well as selections from Lamb & Meyer, Fourplay, and The Rippingtons. There's more from Bakithi Kumalo, Urban Jazz Coalition, and Michael Manson. We have Talia, Paul Howards, and Pete Alderton, first time we're playing any of those; something from Chuck Loeb, and as an added bonus, there's a track from the soon to be released Terry Disley project.

Part 2: The Top 10 Albums ... with a Café Jazz twist!
Our first installment of this feature in 2007. We'll be playing a track from each of the top 10 albums for February 12th as compiled by smoothjazz.com - with a twist, as the selections we chose are not necessarily the ones being promoted by smooth jazz radio in general. We do indeed do our homework to provide you with full value for your entertainment moment!

Artist, Album, & Track
#10.Kenny G: I'm in the Mood for Love...The Most Romantic Melodies of All Time - You're Beautiful
#9.Gregg Karukas: Lookin' Up - Girl in the Red Dress
#8.Chuck Loeb: Presence - Window of the Soul
#7.Wayman Tisdale: Way Up - Conversation Piece
#6.Mindi Abair: Life Less Ordinary - Far Away
#5.Eric Darius: Just Getting Started - Right Here, Right Now
#4.Boney James: Shine - Hypnotic
#3.George Benson & Al Jarreau: Givin' It Up - Ordinary People
#2.Peter White: Playin' Favorites - Déjà Vu
#1.Jonathan Butler: Forever, For Always, For Luther Volume II - Don't Want To Be A Fool

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