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Septemeber 19th, 2004
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Hey there SJ lovers! We have another great program. On the showcase cd feature, we're getting hip to the sounds of Theo Bishop and Newport Nights, his recent debut release. We'll give you the scoop on Theo and we'll spin a few tracks from the album. Then, in hour 2 it's time again for the FT segment. On this installment we have the latest from Fourplay. There's new music from Greg Adams, formerly from TOP. Michael Lington is on this show and we're also introducing the fresh sounds of Gene Cannon and Novecento, out of Italy. Those are all great and all new. Once again, that's on FT and that's in hour 2. But that's not all. We kick off our celebrations with Steve Oliver and another track from his latest release. We have the new one from Eddie Bullen as well as recent favourites from Eliane Elias, Peter White and Alan Hewitt. We're loaded with Café Jazz favourites on this edition. Espirito, The Benoit/Freeman Project, Boney James, Roberto Perera, Ken Navarro and much more! In fact, we've squeezed more fantastic music into just two hours than what was previously believed to be humanly possible!

In This Issue:

Newport Nights - Theo Bishop

St. Augustine - Gene Cannon
Easy Love - Novecento
Fields of Gold - Fourplay
Call Me Late Tonight - Michael Lington
FireFly - Greg Adams

Prelude - Eddie Bullen

Then & Now - Jeff Kashiwa
SPINLIST: Spinlist Ed#334

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Showcase CD
Newport Nights - Theo Bishop:
Although he just recently released his solo debut, Theo Bishop is no newcomer to the music scene. The veteran keyboardist was born in Portland Oregon, the third of five boys, all of them ended up pursuing careers in music. For the most part Theo's forays into rock & jazz form a musical bridge of sorts between the tastes of his two older brothers who dug rock & country and his two younger siblings who were both classical musicians. Theo too was classically trained. He grew up in Boise Idaho, earning a degree in classical piano from Boise State. The multitalented keyboardist won various competitions and after testing his hand at a variety of musical styles he eventually gravitated towards a career as a sideman. He toured for a time with Gary Puckett & Peter Noone, two prominent names from the early days of pop rock. In the 80s he gained a record deal as a member of the band Isle of Man & subsequently he formed Native Language, a new wavish Bowie-esque venture that played well into the 90s. This group was also the namesake for the label that Bishop & Joe Sherbanee co-founded in 1996.

In that capacity Bishop has for the past eight years worked in helping transform Native Language Music. Originally the label focused on providing an outlet for local contemporary jazz artists. However, over the years it has blossomed into an international company. In the meantime, though, Theo has not neglected the music side of things. He's also written & produced some of the format's top songs and performed with some of the biggest stars in Smooth Jazz today. Most notably he's played live with Jeff Kashiwa & Steve Oliver and also cowrote the #1 hit, Hyde Park, The Ah Oooh Song. So now after nearly a decade of working behind the scenes Bishop has launched his solo career with the release of Newport Nights. This project is a fine first effort for Bishop as he places the focus squarely on melody and solid playing. Harmony and rhythm too are always at the forefront so that the overall vibe is one of optimism & one which well reflects Theo's love for the lifestyle & music of his Orange County CA home. So get set to get optimistic as from Newport Nights we present: Newport Nights, the title track, Timeless with Ken Ross featured on trumpet, & Child's Play to close the feature.

CD: Newport Nights
Label: Native Language

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Fresh Trax: Part One
St. Augustine - Gene Cannon:
A native of Tampa FL, Cannon is now firmly entrenched on the music scene in that city. He's performed in concert with artists such as Peter White, Allon Sams, and Les Sabler, all familiar names to our show. He's also done session work with both Sabler & Sams. Among Cannon's most notable projects as a free lance musician are Tony Little's Workout Videos and the commercial work that he's done for the Home Shopping Network and ESPN. Currently, Gene is a featured musician with Major League Baseball's Tampa Bay Devil Rays together with long time friend Brad Trumbull. That brings right to the present & the track that we're playing as the melody for the tune came about as Cannon & Trumbull played at one of the games. Gene called the track St. Augustine, to celebrate the time that he & his wife Beth had spent in the romantic setting of America's oldest city. That tune is soon to be released but we have it for you today. From Outside the Box, Gene's forthcoming debut, this one is certain to become a favourite the instant that you hear it!

CD: Outside the Box ~ Special Edition
Label: Cannonball Productions
Site: Gene Cannon

Easy Love - Novecento featuring Stanley Jordan:
This release marks Jordan's long anticipated return to the recording studio after an absence of about 10 years. In the mid-80s, Stanley established himself as a guitar virtuoso of sorts. He developed a tapping technique, which enabled him to play two completely independent guitar lines simultaneously. Jordan's sophomore release, went to #1 on the Billboard Jazz Chart, remaining there for 51 weeks and earning for Stanley a pair of Grammy nominations. The popularity of this & his subsequent projects thrust Jordan into the media spotlight. However, in spite of this, Jordan always felt that he had a sound inside of himself that was greater than anything he had ever played on his guitar. That, together with his penchant for being a perfectionist, kept him out of the studio. (Jordan's last release was a live project recorded in New York in 1998.)

In the course of things, a couple of years back, Stanley heard of the work of Novecento, an Italian group that had developed a wide reaching reputation for their style of instrumental pop. Meanwhile, back in Italy, Novecento had since 1997, balanced a busy performance schedule with a thriving production company and studio. Band members include siblings Lino, Pino, and Rossanna Nicolosi, and Lino's wife Dora. In any event, when they all met up there was an immediate chemistry and that association has now resulted in the release of Dreams of Peace. The album was recorded and mixed in Milan, with some additional sessions done in California. It presents a highly colorful mix of styles from ambient to funky, from smooth soul-jazz to energetic fusion From that effort we have a superb track titled Easy Love!

CD: Dreams of Peace
Label: Favored Nations
Sites: Favored Nations ; Stanley Jordan ; Nicolosi Productions

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Fresh Trax: Part Two

Fields of Gold - Fourplay:
Superb musicianship has always been a hallmark of this band. Comprised of four of contemporary music's most accomplished players, the all-star quartet first came together in 1991 after taking part on the recording of Bob James' Grand Piano Canyon. In addition to James, the initial configuration featured Nathan East, Harvey Mason, & Lee Ritenour. Over the years, James & Ritenour had established high profile solo careers. Fourplay immediately enjoyed both commercial success & critical acclaim and to some extent that could be attributed to the popularity of the aforementioned pair. Larry Carlton, who replaced Ritenour in the guitar chair in about 1998, was no less accomplished an artist. Carlton had built an enviable reputation as a first call session player in LA, as a member of the legendary Crusaders back in the 70s and as a solo performer with several top projects to his credit.

Perhaps not quite as much in the limelight are Mason & East, but nevertheless both are held in the highest regard among members of the music community. Bassist Nathan East started in Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra. As his reputation grew, he enjoyed playing with everyone from Dionne Warwick to Lionel Ritchie, from Kenny Rogers & Kenny Loggins to Eric Clapton. Drummer Harvey Mason attended Berklee in Boston and soon after enjoyed a stint with Herbie Hancock's Headhunters. He also played with Grover Washington Jr. and appeared on George Benson's landmark Breezin' cd.

Because of their diverse backgrounds, all four bring a wide variety of influences to their work as they incorporate various elements from R&B, pop, rock, blues, classical music and jazz into their art. Individually and collectively the members of Fourplay have garnered a world wide fan base as well as earning numerous awards. Journey is their new one & the latest release in a series of top selling cds. From that album we're featuring Fields of Gold, their exceptional cover of the classic Sting composition.

CD: Journey
Label: Bluebird
Site: Fourplay

Call Me Late Tonight - Michael Lington:
Born in Denmark, Lington began on clarinet at the age of seven and for a period underwent some classical training. It was Otto Lington, Michael's grandfather who had a tremendous impact on shaping Michael's musical tastes. The elder Lington was an early proponent of jazz in that country. It was in this way that Michael was exposed to players such as Adderly, Coltrane and Sanborn. As a result, Michael switched to the sax at age 15. His later involvement with the prestigious Tivoli Boys Guard earned him a music scholarship. Once he graduated, Michael for a time operated a recording studio and he also did some touring with local artists throughout Europe. Intent on furthering his career, Lington moved to Los Angles in 1990 at the age of 21. In short order he was gigging with legendary rockers Little Richard and Gary "U.S." Bonds. Michael's big break though, came through his association with vocalist Bobby Caldwell with whom he worked for 4 years beginning in 1994. In 1997, Lington released his self-titled debut, which featured Tell It Like It Is in collaboration with Caldwell. The success of that single, prompted Lington to embark on a solo career. Stay with Me is now his fourth & latest effort. From that album, we have Call Me Late Tonight, one of the prettiest tunes that Michael has recorded thus far in his career!

CD: Stay With Me
Label: Rendezvous Entertainment
Site: Michael Lington

FireFly - Greg Adams:
Adams was a founding member of Tower of Power, and the man primarily responsible for the groundbreaking sound and style of that famous ensemble. After 25 years with the band and countless sessions with many of the biggest names in music, Greg decided to set out on his own. In 1995, he released Hidden Agenda, his debut. That project reached the #1 spot on the smooth jazz charts, staying there for a period of about five weeks. It also spawned Greg's fantastic cover of Sade's Smooth Operator. Finally in 2002 after too long an absence from the studio, Greg released Midnight Morning, his sophomore album. On that project, Adams exhibited a further refinement in the appealing blend of smooth & funk that has become a vital characteristic of his signature sound. FireFly is Greg's new one. From that effort we have the funky & energetic stylings of the advance single & the title track. If this selection is any indication of the rest of the cd, then we lucky fans of Adams & his music are indeed in for a treat! Stay tuned!!

CD: FireFly
Label: 215 Records
Site: Greg Adams

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Special Mention: Prelude - Eddie Bullen !

The multitalented Bullen has been based in Toronto since 1980 following a move from his native Grenada. Eddie began in music in 1971 but didn't get into jazz until 1996 when he released Nocturnal Affair, his debut. Bullen now splits his time between his own career and operating Thunder Dome Sounds, his highly successful production facility. In that regard, he's collaborated with dozens of artists. He's also worked with artists such as Oleta Adams and Billy Newton Davis and in the process he's racked up an impressive set of credits and has also received special recognition as a Juno Award winner. As he continues to develop as a performer, songwriter, arranger and producer, Bullen nevertheless remains committed to his passion of nurturing the musical development of youth. He's been part of a high school co-op program since 1986. Desert Rain is now the third release under his own name. That to go along with one project as NEWA, that featured Nicholas Brancker on bass, drummer Wilson Laurencin, and Arturo Tappin and a collaboration with Kingsley Ettienne under the name of De Organ Grinders. From Desert Rain, we have the closing track that also features Eddie's son, Quincy Bullen, on piano. It's a nice semi-samba flavoured piece with a smooth melody and groove that I'm certain you will enjoy.

CD: Desert Rain
Label: QDB Music
Site: Eddie Bullen

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After Hours ~ Exclusive to our Web Site:
After an unfortunate crash of my Mac, we're back on track with a somewhat delayed edition of After Hours. Jeff Kashiwa is featured on T&N and we have brand new music from Fattburger. Apart from those, it's mostly new names to our show. Included is guitarist Garry Goin who's done some work with Kirk Whalum. We'll be hearing from Machan and her exciting blend of Latin, jazz, & other influneces. This is one superb track that begs to be heard! Walter Duda is on this show with a cool tune from his forthcoming release. We're introducing the music of Vince Madison and Harry Hmura and as well, there's a great track from Helios that we haven't played in quite some time. Join me for SJ with very little talk as we get into the great grooves of After Hours!

Then & Now Feature : Jeff Kashiwa

Another Door Opens
Native Language

Simple Truth
Native Language

Peace of Mind
Native Language

Jeff Kashiwa: Following a 10 year stint with The Rippingtons, Jeff set out on a solo career that was already a couple of cds deep. Another Door Opens, his first release after leaving the band, yielded Hyde Park (the Ah, Oooh song).That was such a huge hit that some of the other fine tunes from that album may sometimes be overlooked. So to partially remedy that situation we present Around the World together with A Quiet Goodbye from Simple Truth and Wait and See from his latest as we feature Jeff Kashiwa on Then & Now.

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