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March 27th, 2004
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Are you bored with ordinary radio? If so, Café Jazz may very be exactly what you're looking for. On the radio show that's always exciting and fresh, we're groovin' to the sounds of Freddie Fox. We'll tell you a bit about Freddie & his career and we'll spin a few tracks from his self-titled solo debut on the showcase cd feature. Then in hour 2 on the FT segment we're introducing the sounds of Incendio and Shikandaza. We have the latest from veteran keyboardist Bob Baldwin. Also new to the program is Lou Watson, another artist that you may not have heard before. We have a track from Lou's debut and to cap off the entire affair is a superb piece from Idaho based Barry Aiken. But wait...there's more! We kick things off with the title track from Russ Freeman's fine solo release, follow it with another great tune from Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, move effortlessly to a modern classic by Lee Ritenour, and then seamlessly conclude with Euge Groove and his latest... and that's just the opening set. So why not tune in and experience it for yourself? I'm certain that you'll agree, Café Jazz is indeed the radio program for people who don't like to listen to the radio!

Showcase CD
Freddie Fox (self-titled cd) - Freddie Fox:
Out of Tullahoma, Tennessee comes Freddie Fox, who for the past eighteen years has toured the world with a host of top names (including Evelyn "Champagne" King, who happens to be Mrs. Fox.). Freddie realized at an early age that music would be a big part of his life. Beginning on guitar, Fox was influenced by greats such as Benson and Hendrix. He later added trumpet and keyboards as well as bass guitar to his repertoire. After attending the Berklee College of Music for four years Fox continued his studies with private lessons. Definitely not lacking in credentials in the vast world of music production, Freddie has taken part in dozens of sessions as well as having done TV and film work. Finally finding time to record his own solo project, Fox's self-titled debut was released in the fall of 2003. There's no shortage of great music on this one, as the cd is packed with fine selections, which were exclusively written, produced and arranged by Freddie himself. So it's time to get ready for Freddie, Freddie Fox that is as without further adieu we give you our showcase cd. We open with Thoughts of You one of our current favourites, include Strawberry a piece that is new to the show, and close with My House.

CD: Freddie Fox (2003)
Label: Foxhole Records
Site: Feddie Fox

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Fresh Trax: Part One

I Wanna Be Where You Are - Bob Baldwin:
In a career that dates back to the late 80s, Baldwin is a veteran who already has seven solo projects under his belt. He's had several chart-topping and critically acclaimed efforts, a feat that he hopes to meet or beat with his latest album. Bob is now poised to release this new cd which was recorded in Rio de Janeiro. The effort features several very talented Brazilian musicians and is rather appropriately titled Brazil Chill. Well known for his innovative approach to music, Bob is also well known as a highly spiritual individual. Baldwin looks to his faith not only for direction on a daily basis but he also draws on that faith for inspiration for his music. As we begin to explore Brazil Chill we have for you I Wanna Be Where You Are the advance single. The track actually works well on two levels. In addition to it's highly melodic and romantic flavor, the tune may also very well be a reference to the importance of spirituality in Baldwin's life.

CD: Brazil Chill (2004)
Label: A440 Music Group
Site: Bob Baldwin

It Doesn't Matter - Lou Watson:
Besides drawing on a musical heritage that's rooted in Rhythm & Blues, Watson also incorporates the influence of many varied styles and artists. The result is a presentation that is uniquely his own; that is to say listening to Lou is hearing a Jazz vocalist that's come of age. For the past several years, Watson has performed at nightclubs in the New York area, as well as at many private affairs. Finally he released his solo debut earlier this year. On the album he wraps his deep baritone around several familiar ballads to produce a sensuous & welcoming space. One of the cd highlights, however, is a composition written by Lou himself. It's called It Doesn't Matter & it's the title track.

CD: It Doesn't Matter (2004)
Label: Village Notz Music

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Fresh Trax: Part Two

Awakening - Incendio:
Although they are primarily heard on community radio, this band's popularity has resulted in Billboard-charting and worldwide exposure. The Incendio style blends not only flamenco, classical, & middle-eastern music but also includes Celtic, jazz, Rock, and touches of trance & pop. At the very heart of their sound is the Latin or Spanish guitar played by Jim Stubblefield. By showcasing the sound of Stubblefield & his guitar in a variety of settings, Incendio takes us on a global musical adventure. In Italian or Spanish, the name Incendio means fire or energy. Nevertheless, on this occasion we chose a softer more romantically flavoured selection & one deep within which you can easily detect the fiery embers of love & desire. From their self-titled release we have the simmering passion of Awakening.

CD: Incendio (2003)
Label: New World Music

Bridge Over The Moon - Shikandaza:
Out of Japan, comes the ensemble known as Shikandaza. Led by Foozan Usui, one of the grand masters of Shakuhachi a traditional Japanese wind instrument, the group is a small orchestral unit consisting of strings, flute, and percussion. Although rhythm has never been an important component of the musical heritage of Japan, on their new release, Shikandaza blends the sounds of the Far East with the style & rhythm of The West. On the Bridge is the name of the project. It was recorded in collaboration with Ian Smith, a Canadian jazz pianist and founder of Vision Music. The result is a wonderfully new & appealing musical amalgam and one, which might well be described as Japanese Jazz. It's on the Vision Music label and from it, Bridge Over The Moon is the track that we selected.

CD: On The Bridge (2003)
Label: Vision Music
Site: Shikandaza

Sending A Message - Barry Aiken:
Although he hails from Trail in the interior of BC, Aiken's musical roots extend back to San Diego one of the early hot beds of SJ. For 5 years in the 80s, Aiken attended the State University and also helped found Flight 7, one of that region's finer groups of the day. He continued his education in Idaho, where he still presently resides and where he's worked as a composer and session keyboardist. In the process, Aiken has produced and recorded a variety of artists as well as creating music for network television. It was only after another group effort in the late 90s this time in the pop vein, that Aiken decided to release his solo debut. Just out is Balboa Park, the name being a reference no doubt to Aiken's earlier time in CA as that park is home to the famed San Diego Zoo. In any event, according to Aiken, the music on the cd encompasses many of the styles that he's come to love over the years. It also incorporates the three compositional elements that interest Aiken the most - those being a strong melody, harmony, and rhythm. From Balboa Park, we present Sending A Message, a track which rates highly on all of the above.

CD: Balboa Park (2004)
Label: BareMic Music
Site: Aiken/BareMic

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