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February 21st, 2004
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Confidential - Peter White :
It's quite rare that an artist can maintain a high level of creativity & musical integrity and yet meet not only with critical acclaim but also commercial success. Such a player is Mr. White. For over a dozen years now, Peter has created not only some the most melodic & memorable music in SJ but has also helped define the genre with a string of chart-topping releases. Always distinctive, Peter's inviting acoustic guitar work has seduced many a listener with the warmth of his playing and beautiful instrumentation, including yours truly. Confidential is Peter's soon to be released ninth album and promises to provide yet another fabulous chapter in the story of one the most endearing artists of our times.

The project took over a year to record as Peter strove to summon emotions from deep within himself. "By 'confidential' I mean personal and revealing; that's exactly what this record is to me. I play from the heart, which is where music ultimately comes from. It's about tapping into the soul and allowing the emotions within to pour forth. The battle is to trust your instincts without trying to be too clever, which only ends up corrupting the process and seldom works anyway."

On what is no doubt his most intimate work thus far, White penned or co-wrote ten of the selections. As well, he covers "She's In Love," a Brenda Russell tune which features the vocals of Christopher Cross. Also contributing to the disc is an all-star cast of today's top players led by Chris Botti, Brian Culbertson, and a host of others.

*Thanks to Peter for sending us the final cover art to Confidential.*

CD: Confidential (2004)
Label: Columbia
Site:Peter White

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