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November 8, 2003
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Refresh and revitalize is the phrase of the day as we start off with the smooth groove of Freddie Fox and Thoughts of You. We have new music from Demo Cates, a Café Jazz favourite, and the advance single from his forthcoming release. There are tracks from Pamela Williams, Richard Elliot, and Blake Aaron as we explore each of their current releases. Michael Lington, Ultrablue, Daryl Hall & Zzah all contribute to the unique vibe of this show. And as we dust off some of the albums we may not have played for some time, we'll be hearing from Bob James, Tony Gable & 206, Tim Heintz, David Mann, 3rd Force and Avenue Blue. Why we even have a bit of a surprise in the final extended set of the program! So be sure to catch the show and savour the flavour of Canada's Smooth Jazz Connection.

Showcase CD
At Last - Ronny Jordan:
This is now the sixth release for the London-born Jordan whose father was a preacher. As such, gospel music was understandably an integral part of Ronny's musical education. Through it, Jordan learned many of the intricacies of melody & harmony as well as the most difficult lesson of all, when less was in fact more. Ronny's guitar talents first received broad recognition in 1992 with the release of The Antidote, his groundbreaking debut CD. Now regarded as somewhat of an acid jazz classic, many compositions on the album featured the unlikely fusion of Rap with Smooth Jazz. This opening chapter of Jordan's career well disguised the fact that Ronny had been playing in clubs and exploring various musical avenues throughout most of the 80s. Now with this latest project, the self-taught guitarist has chosen a slightly different course, exhibiting the confidence and maturity in his compositions and playing that can only come about through many years of honing one's craft.

And in this respect, it’s a very fitting choice for today’s showcase cd feature. From At Last, we'll be playing the title track, Island Paradise and (In) The Limelight.

CD: At Last
Label: N-Coded Music
Site: Ronny Jordan

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Dusty Roads - Amedeo:
Although best known in his native Italy, the classically trained saxplayer has established an enviable reputation throughout Europe. He began on clarinet at the Conservatory of Milan at the age of 12, studied experimental composition, and then moved into concert and session work. Through the course of events Amedeo developed into a versatile performer as he toured with a long list of both Italian & international stars. He's written and published three books on playing the sax and has also recorded a pair of projects under his own name. Coming Home is the most recent of these. From that release, we have the alluring advance single titled Dusty Roads

CD: Coming Home
Label: Nonchalance Records
Guitarra Guitarra - Oscar Lopez:
Born in Santiago Chile, Lopez move to Canada in 1979 and for the past few years has resided in Calgary. The effect of living in two diverse cultures has resulted in a unique fusion of styles and influences for Lopez. Oscar regularly plays to sold-out audiences and is readily acknowledged as a world class talent by those who have seen him perform. Deeply committed to his craft, the fiery guitar player has issued several out standing releases, earning numerous accolades and several Juno awards in the process. Just out is My Destiny, his latest project which well captures all the passion, energy and dynamics that one might associate with Oscar in a concert setting. From that offering we've selected Guitarra Guitarra, the opening track.

CD: My Destiny
Label: Narada Jazz
Site: Oscar Lopez

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Fresh Trax: Part Two

Shift Change - Darron McKinney :
McKinney grew up inspired by jazz and gospel music in a family of 10 siblings all of whom played musical instruments. He graduated from Southern University in Baton Rouge with an interesting mix of credits, a major in Jazz Studies and a minor in Criminal Justice. Born & raised in Detroit, Darron is currently the full time Deputy for the Wayne County Sheriff's Department. He launched his solo recording career back in 1996, and was recognized as BET's Jazz Discovery Artist on two occasions. McKinney first drew major public notice when performing a Call to Courage at a Candlelight Vigil in Washington in May of 2001. This was McKinney's moving tribute to slain police officers and their family's across the US. That was followed by several appearances on network TV the following year. Soft Spoken is now his third release.

CD: Soft Spoken
Label : True Life Entertainment
Site: Darron McKinney

Daydreaming - Will Downing :
Since the release of his self-titled debut in 1988, Downing's sensual stylings have captured legions of fans all over the world. In the course of his career Downing has continued to evolve both as a composer and as a song stylist. In addition to his soothing voice, there is an intimate quality to Will's elegant phrasing and his deeply emotional delivery. In fact Emotions is the title of his eleventh and most recent album. From that release we've chosen Downing's silky cover of Aretha Franklin's Daydreaming.

CD: Emotions
Label: GRP
Site: Will Downing
Bossa No.5 - RioListic:
As we continue to tug at the boundaries of Smooth Jazz along comes Kristal Entertainment. The Miami based record company is fully intent on forging a path as the premiere label for assembling vintage collections of chill based jazz. The most recent project spearheaded by producer and label head Roy Shakked is titled Jazzelicious Presents and from that compilation we have the superb opening track.

CD: Jazzelicious Presents
Label: Kristal Entertainment

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Indispensable Smooth Jazz Listening:
Each week we provide you with a short list of cds that we recommend without hesitation.This is music that you should not do without and as such we endorse these cds wholehearted. This week the list is indeed short. Although there are many excellent albums that we're going to, consistent with our policy, we select only the best of the best for our indispensable list.

3rd Force - Force of Nature (1995 ~ Higher Octave Music)

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