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August 30, 2003
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Highlights !
As Café Jazz continues to set the standard in SJ programming excellence, this is a show that can best be described as outstanding! On this the last weekend of summer, and a long weekend at that, we heat things up with superb new music from Brian Culbertson, as well as classic selections from Gregg Karukas, Michael Franks, Shakatak, David Benoit, The Jazzmasters and Joyce Cooling. Of course there are current favourites including tracks from Michael Sims, Rayford Griffin, Richard Elliot, and Igor as well as our customary surprise or two. Experience it once and I'm sure that you'll agree, Café Jazz is the choice for people who are passionate about their music!

Showcase CD
Still Small Voice - Paul Jackson Jr. :
A composer, arranger, producer and guitarist, Jackson is a highly respected musician. He attended the University of Southern California, majoring in music and after graduating, became well known as a skilled and versatile session player. Over the years Jackson has recorded with most of the biggest names in entertainment and as well has worked at establishing his own solo career. Although previous releases have not quite paralleled Jackson’s studio successes as a supporting musician, this may all change with his latest offering. Titled Still Small Voice, (the title being an allusion to a passage in the Bible), the release is Jackson’s 6th overall. Melody and mood are key ingredients as they are skillfully combined with Jackson’s always superb playing resulting in what may very well represent this spiritual artist’s finest project to date. As we showcase Still Small Voice, we begin with Walkin' and include a pair of tracks, Athens Park and Sportsman Park from "the Park Tour".

CD: Still Small Voice
Label: Blue Note Records
Site: Paul Jackson Jr.

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Fresh Trax: Part One
Snowfall - Chris Standring :
Chris is a classically trained guitarist who attended the London College of Music. After moving to Los Angeles in the mid-90s, Standring quickly gained recognition as a sideman both on live appearances and in the studio. In 1996, he teamed up with keyboardist Rodney Lee for the release of Solar System, a project grounded in acid jazz which received a fair degree of critical success. This was followed by a stint in the Guitars Saxes & More tour and subsequently Standring joined Rick Braun as part of Braun's band for a year and a half. In turn this led to a record deal and the release of Velvet, Chris’s highly successful debut as a solo SJ artist. The recently released Groovalicious is now Standring’s third album under his own name and sees the continuing collaboration of the highly compatible pairing of Standring & Lee. From that effort we have chosen Snowfall, with another Chris, Chris Botti featured on trumpet on the track.

CD: Groovalicious
Label: Pyramid/Mesa
Site: Chris Standring
Same Day Samba - Albert Calvo:
Australian guitarist Albert Calvo's first big career move occurred in the mid 1970s when he relocated to Sydney in order to pursue his passion for playing classical guitar. This began a highly formative period in Calvo's career as for the next 8 years Albert studied with some of the finest classical musicians in the world. For a time he performed as an artist in residence for the North Queensland Arts Company but in due course his interests turned to jazz. Following a switch back to the electric guitar Calvo’s musical personality took a new direction as he continued to hone his skills and developed his songwriting talents. This all evolved into Pass It On, his fine 1998 debut album and the more recent Second Thoughts cd which was released in July of this year. From that latter offering we’ve chosen Same Day Samba, a brilliant track by Albert Calvo and company!

CD: Second Thoughts
Label: Vintage Music

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Fresh Trax: Part Two
Vonnie - Bass X :
This is a brand new production from some of Chicago's finest smooth jazz artists. Heir Wave is their debut recording that is scheduled for release in mid to late September. We have Vonnie, the superb advance single on which Steve Cole is reported to be playing sax.

* Final cover art is not currently available.*

CD: Heir Wave
Label: Liquid 8 Records & Entertainment

Indian Summer - Chris Botti :
Chris was voted top brass player of the year for 2002 and also scored big with his Night Sessions release being named as the best cd in SJ. Well Botti has a new album titled A Thousand Kisses Deep which is forthcoming. We don’t have the full cd yet, as it won’t be available until late September. We do however have the advance single. Its called Indian Summer. It's new, it's fantastic and we have it on Fresh Trax. If the rest of A Thousand Kisses Deep is anything at all like this track then I’m certain Chris will have another big winner on his hands.

CD: A Thousand Kisses Deep
Label: Columbia Records
Site: Chris Botti
Bringing Down the House - Ken Navarro :
Navarro began his recording career in Los Angeles as a session guitarist before debuting as a solo artist in 1990. Since then he’s developed his own unique musical identity, recording a total of what is now fourteen cds. In the process he’s received increasing acclaim and recognition as a one of the premier performers and leading stylists in Contemporary Jazz. Navarro’s contribution to music however, goes well beyond his personal artistry. As founder of Positive Music Records, Ken is responsible for launching and furthering the recording careers of several artists. His vision of a musician's record label has enhanced the genre with over 35 new artists and over sixty releases. From All the Way, his latest endeavor and second on Shanachie records, we have Bringing Down the House, the lead single.

CD: All the Way
Label: Shanachie
Site: Ken Navarro

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Indispensable Smooth Jazz Listening:
Each week we give you a short list of cds that are not only recommended but ones that we feel would be most welcome additions to your SJ library. On this show, we're playing a track from each of the following and endorse these without hesitation as indispensable SJ listening!

Gregg Karukas - Blue Touch
David Benoit - The Best of David Benoit 1987 - 1995
Paul Hardcastle - The Jazzmasters

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